It is essential to know about scholarships. Scholarships are financial aids awarded by universities and organizations to students based on academic performance or through competitive entrance examinations. In Malaysia, many different kinds of scholarship schemes are available for students from the local and international levels. The main aim of these scholarships is to encourage students to achieve their full potential and help them pursue higher education at a university in Malaysia.

1.0 introduction

  • 0 Introduction
  • How to get a scholarship in Malaysia?
  • How to apply for a scholarship in Malaysia?
  • What is a scholarship?
  • What are the types of scholarships?

2.0 scholarship for local students

  • 2.0 scholarship for local students

You can apply for local scholarships in Malaysia if you are a citizen and permanent resident. However, these scholarships are more competitive than they used to be because more people know about them, and it is not easy to get one.

  • Scholarships will be provided based on your academic performance, work experience, and other factors such as personality tests and interviews. Students who meet the requirements set by JPA may also apply for JPA scholarships under certain conditions.* Applicants need to meet all requirements set by JPA before submitting their applications for consideration by their respective universities or colleges.*

2.1 JPA scholarship program

  • 1 JPA Scholarship Programme

The JPA Scholarship Programme is a government scholarship program that provides financial aid to outstanding students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies locally or overseas. It is a competitive and merit-based scholarship program that identifies potential talents with the ability and passion for excelling in their chosen field of study. The aim is also to develop future leaders who will contribute positively to Malaysia’s economic growth and development.

The awards are divided into two types: scholarships for local students; scholarships for international students (or foreign nationals).

2.2 countrywide mmaromm scholarship program

The Mmaromm scholarship program is a countrywide initiative that aims to support students from all walks of life, regardless of their academic background or financial status. The program is open to Malaysian students pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate course in local universities, private academic institutions, and public colleges.

Applicants can also apply for the scholarship if they want to pursue a technical or vocational qualification at a local polytechnic school. However, no more than 1/3 of your study duration can be funded by this program (i.e., you will have 2/3 of your course fees covered).

2.3 Petronas scholarship program

Petronas Petroleum is a Malaysian oil and gas company. It has been operating in Malaysia since 1974 and operates more than 16 oil fields throughout the country. The company is also involved in several countries outside Malaysia, including Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam.

Petronas has partnered with many universities around the world through its scholarship programs. These include:

  • JPA Scholarship Programme
  • Country Wide Mmaromm Scholarships * Petronas-Maybank Scholarships Programme * Cimb Group Scholarship Programme (MBA) * Sime Darby Foundation Scholarship Programme

2.4 Maybank scholarship program

This scholarship is open to students pursuing a full-time diploma or degree program at any public or private higher education institution in Malaysia.

The scholarship is offered for two years, and selected candidates will receive a monthly allowance of RM1,500 and a book allowance of RM1,000 per semester. Scholarship recipients can apply for deferment up to two times.

2.5 cimb group scholarship program

This scholarship program is open to all students. However, the eligible applicants must be citizens of Malaysia and registered full-time students in a local university. You can apply for this scholarship with an excellent academic record (GPA of 3.50/4).

The process involves completing an online application form and uploading your latest academic transcript and other relevant documents such as your identification card and passport. After reviewing your application form, the committee will get back to you with further instructions about how to proceed with your application process.

2.6 sime darby foundation scholarship program

Sime Darby Foundation Scholarship Programme

The Sime Darby Foundation Scholarship Programme is a corporate social responsibility program established in 2011. The program is open to students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The scholarships are offered for generations whose parents or guardians are employees of Sime Darby Bhd and its subsidiaries. The number of awards may vary from time to time and depends on the funds available for this purpose.

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the number of scholarship graduate increase year by year

With the increase year by year, the number of scholarship graduates increases year by year. The points this section should cover are:

  • With the increase year by year, the number of scholarships graduate.
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A scholarship can change your life and make the difference between succeeding and failing your studies. For many of us, getting a scholarship is not just about financial support—it’s also about gaining access to new opportunities, meeting new people, and feeling like you belong at university.

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