JAMB Subject Combination for Sociology (ARTS) 2021/2022

What is the JAMB subject combination for Sociology for 2021/2022? If you want to know the list of subjects you need to write in JAMB in order to study Sociology under the faculty of Arts and Humanities, then am happy to inform you that this post is all about JAMB subject combination for Sociology.

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JAMB subject combination for Sociology contains the list of subjects you need to register in JAMB if you want to study Sociology in any tertiary institution in Nigeria. With that introduction, this is a notice to all JAMB candidates that JAMB subject combination for Sociology has been released by the management of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.
Some of these subjects required to study Sociology are compulsory while some are optional. You need to pay attention and understand the subjects that are compulsory as well as the ones that are optional so you can make a better decision in your selection of subjects.
Do you want to see WAEC subjects required to study Sociology? See WAEC subject combination for Sociology here.

Other Useful Resources

Before you proceed, check out the following resources that will help you better prepare for JAMB:

JAMB Subject Combination For Sociology

The list of subjects you need to write in JAMB for Sociology are as follows:

Government/History plus two other Social Science/Arts subject

Bear in mind that in JAMB, english language also known as use of english is compulsory for all courses. So if it was not included above, keep in mind that it is always required.
As we mentioned earlier, the JAMB subject combination you saw above is meant for Sociology under the faculty of Arts and Humanities. If the Sociology you are looking for is in another faculty, keep in mind that the subjects may be different and as such, you need to check the subject combination for that particular faculty. You can also check the list of schools that offer this course under this faculty using JAMB brochure for all faculties here.

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