Let me guess why you are here; you are looking for the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Literature in English. If that is the case, let me assure you this post contains the list of JAMB recommended textbooks that you need to prepare for Literature in English.

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Having said that, this is to inform all the JAMB candidates who will be writing English Language as one of they JAMB subject combinations in the upcoming JAMB exam that the list of JAMB recommended textbooks for Literature in English is now available here.
You need to use JAMB recommended textbooks for Literature in English to prepare for your JAMB so as to increase your chances of scoring high in Literature in English. You can also check out JAMB Syllabus For Literature in English here or JAMB syllabus for all subjects here.

JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Literature in English

The recommended textbooks for Literature in English are as follows:
Gbemisola, A. (2005) Naked Soles, Ibadan: Kraft
Hayward, J. (ed.) (1968) The Penguin Book of English Verse, London Penguin
Johnson, R. et al (eds.) (1996) New Poetry from Africa, Ibadan: UP Plc
Kermode, F. et al (1964) Oxford Anthology of English Literature, Vol. II, London: OUP
Nwoga D. (ed.) (1967) West African Verse, London: Longman
Parker, E.W. (ed.) (1980) A Pageant of Longer Poems London: Longman
Senanu, K. E. and Vincent, T. (eds.) (1993) A Selection of African Poetry, Lagos: Longman
Soyinka, W. (ed.) (1987) Poems of Black Africa, Ibadan: Heinemann
Abrams, M. H. (1981) A Glossary of Literary Terms, (4th Edition) New York, Holt Rinehalt and Winston
Emeaba, O. E. (1982) A Dictionary of Literature, Aba: Inteks Press
Murphy, M. J. (1972) Understanding Unseen, An Introduction to English Poetry and English Novel for Overseas Students, George Allen and Unwin Ltd.
Jerry A. (2018) Sorters and Sortees Ibadan, Kraftgriots.
Jerry A. (2018) Specks In Our Eyes Ibadan, Kraftgriots.


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