What are the O level subjects required in WAEC and NECO to study Civil Law? If you are interested in knowing the compulsory subjects in WAEC and NECO that is necessary for studying Civil Law under the faculty of Law in the university, then continue reading this post as I have provided you the subject combinations required in WAEC result as well as NECO result to study Civil Law.

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Referencing the introduction already made above, this is a notice to all aspirants who wish to apply for admission into any of the universities in Nigeria to study Civil Law under the faculty of Law that the list of compulsory subjects as well as optional subjects required in O level result (WAEC and NECO) before applying for admission into Civil Law has been published in this post.
As mentioned above, some of these NECO and WAEC subject requirements are compulsory which means you need to have at least a minimum of Credit passes (C6) in them in your o level result before you can use it to apply for admission to study Civil Law.
Also, keep in mind that some schools may have special subject combination requirements for the subjects that are eligible to be used in JAMB before one can gain admission into Civil Law. Irrespective of the subjects required by each school, English Language and Mathematics are compulsory subjects that you need to pass before you can gain admission to study Civil Law.
If you are also interested in JAMB subject combination for Civil Law you can start by checking out JAMB subject combination for Civil Law here or use the general approach by checking JAMB subject combination for all courses here.

Other Useful Resources

Before you proceed, check out the following resources that will help you better prepare for JAMB:

O Level (WAEC and NECO) Subject Requirements For Civil Law

The WAEC subjects required to study Civil Law are as follows:

Five ‘O’ level credit passes to include English Language, Literature in English and Mathematics.

Special Requirements (Waiver) Remarks

(i) OOU requires a credit pass in Literature and at least a pass in Mathematics.

(ii) OOU credit pass in Mathematics is not compulsory.

(iii) EBSU requires any other two Arts or Social Science Subject

As mentioned earlier, the WAEC subject combination and requirements for Civil Law posted above are only eligible if you want to study Civil Law under the faculty of Law. If the course you are looking for is in another faculty, keep in mind that the o level subject requirements may vary and as such, you need to check the WAEC and NECO requirements for that course under the faculty of interest. You can check JAMB brochure for all faculties here.

List of Schools That Offer Civil Law

This section contains the list of schools that accepts the O level subject requirements for Civil Law posted above. These are the schools you can apply to if you have passed the Civil Law subject requirements mentioned above either in your WAEC result or your NECO result. You can find the schools by selecting the faculty and course in JAMB brochure here.


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