Let me guess why you are here; you are looking for the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Music. If that is the case, let me assure you this post contains the list of JAMB recommended textbooks that you need to prepare for Music.

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Having said that, this is to inform all the JAMB candidates who will be writing English Language as one of they JAMB subject combinations in the upcoming JAMB exam that the list of JAMB recommended textbooks for Music is now available here.
You need to use JAMB recommended textbooks for Music to prepare for your JAMB so as to increase your chances of scoring high in Music. You can also check out JAMB Syllabus For Music here or JAMB syllabus for all subjects here.

JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Music

The recommended textbooks for Music are as follows:
Akpabot, S. E. (1986).Foundation of Nigerian Traditional Music, Ibadan: Spectrum.
Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (1958).Rudiments and Theory of Music,London.
Cole, W. (1969).The Form of Music, London: The Associated Board of the Royal Schoolsof Music.
Echezona, W. W. C. (1981). Nigerian Musical Instruments, Enugu: Apollo Publishing Ltd.
Ekwueme, L. (1993).Choir Training and Choral Conducting for Africans, Lagos: Lenaus Advertising and Publishing Company.
Holst, I. (1963).An ABC of Music, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Hosier, (1961).Instruments of the Orchestra Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Hunt, R. (1960).Elements of Music.
Inanga, A. (1993).Music for Secondary Schools Vols. I and II, Ibadan: Spectrum
Kamien, R. (1990). Music: An Appreciation,London: McGraw –Hill Publishing Company.
Kennedy, M. (1985).The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, (Third Edition), London: Oxford University Press.
Kitson, C. H. (1978).Elementary Harmony Book 2,London: Oxford University Press.
Kofoworola, Z. O. And Lateef, Y. (1987). Hausa performing Arts and Music,Lagos:Nigeria Magazine.
Lovelock, W. (1953).A Concise History of Music,London: Bell and Hyman.
Lovelock, W.(1996).The Rudiments of Music, London. G. Bell and sons Limited.
Machlis, J. (1977). The Enjoyment of Music,New York: W.W. Norton.
Mensah, A. A. (Undated) Folksongs for Schools, Accra.Morris, R. O. (1974).The Oxford Harmony, Vol. I, London: Oxford University Press.
Nketia, J. H. (1974).African Music,New York: W. W. Norton Company.
Palmer, K. (1965).Teach Yourself Music, London: The English University Press Limited.Reed, H. O. (1954).Basic Music: A Basic Theory Text, New York:, N. Y. Mills Music Inc.
Taylor, E. (1989).The Guide to Music Theory,London: The Associated Board of The Royal School of Music.
Warburton, A.O. (1955).Graded Music Course for Schools, Books I –III, London: Longman

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